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Welcome to Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings!

The Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings (GHLE) dashboard provides comparisons of wages by degree type, program of study, and college one, five, and ten years after graduation.

Select a degree type to begin. Although you can preselect a program and/or college you must select a degree for the data to populate.

The search lists will filter based on your selections. For example, selecting 'Education' as a program of study will filter out the degree type to show only degree types with education data and the college list will only show colleges with education data.

You may see graphs with missing data. We do not have data for all years for all combinations of degree type, program, and/or college.

Please keep in mind that in addition to degree type, program, and college many factors (student ability/motivation, college selectivity, and job market conditions) affect earnings. The information on this site should not be interpreted as a guarantee of employment or earnings. The results should be seen as one piece of information that students and parents can use when making degree, major, and college choices.


You may remove individual selections by clicking on them in this summary. However, removing all degree types will clear the page entirely. You may also clear the entire page by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner of this summary or clicking the 'Clear Selections' button.

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    Important Notes

    • Click here for additional information and data.
    • All dollar amounts have been converted to 2022 dollars to account for inflation. For more information regarding this process, click here.
    • Data are provided by GA•AWARDS for the years 2007-2022. Wage data are limited to graduates who work in Georgia for employers that provide wage data to the Georgia Department of Labor. This excludes wages earned in out-of-state jobs, while self-employed, or as a federal or military employee.
    • For students with multiple degrees, the most recent degree may reflect earnings attributable to the most recent degree as well as previous degrees. For example, students may obtain a certificate after obtaining a bachelor's, which might inflate wages for that certificate.
    • Statewide totals include all graduates from 2007-2022 in GA•AWARDS.
    • The certificate degree type does not include advanced certificates.
    • Observations are excluded if there are fewer than 20 individuals with the award, fewer than 20 individuals are matched with the wage data, or the percentage of graduates matched with the wage data falls below 20 percent.
    • Programs of study are presented using 2-digit CIP codes.
    • Data last updated 06/27/2023.